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As the scorching summer months approach, homeowners across the nation are gearing up to battle the heat. In this battle, a reliable and efficient air conditioning system plays a pivotal role. If your current AC unit is on the fritz or showing signs of aging, it may be time to consider AC replacement. At Hillside HVAC, we understand the importance of a well-functioning AC system, and we’re here to guide you through the process of AC replacement.



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Why AC Replacement?

Before delving into the nitty-gritty of AC replacement, let’s first understand why it might be necessary. Several compelling reasons can prompt you to consider replacing your air conditioning system.

  1. Age: HVAC systems typically have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. If your AC unit is nearing or has surpassed this age, it’s prone to frequent breakdowns and reduced efficiency. Replacement can save you from costly repairs.

  2. Energy Efficiency: Older AC units are less energy-efficient compared to modern ones. Upgrading to a newer, more efficient system can significantly reduce your energy bills.

  3. Environmental Impact: Newer AC systems are designed to be more environmentally friendly, using refrigerants that have a lower impact on the ozone layer.

  4. Improved Comfort: New AC units offer advanced features like variable-speed motors, improved humidity control, and better airflow, enhancing your indoor comfort.

  5. Cost Savings: While an upfront investment is required for AC replacement, you can recoup the cost through energy savings and reduced repair bills in the long run.

Our Expert AC Replacement Process

At Hillside HVAC, we follow a systematic approach to ensure a seamless AC replacement process.

  1. Assessment: Our trained technicians begin by evaluating your existing AC system and your specific cooling needs. This step helps us determine the right-sized unit for your home.

  2. Recommendations: Based on our assessment, we provide you with a range of suitable AC replacement options. We consider factors such as energy efficiency, budget, and any specific preferences you may have.

  3. Installation: Once you’ve selected the ideal replacement system, our skilled technicians carry out the installation with precision and care. Proper installation is crucial for optimal performance and longevity.

  4. Testing and Calibration: After installation, we rigorously test and calibrate the new AC unit to ensure it operates at peak efficiency and meets your comfort requirements.

  5. Maintenance Plan: To extend the lifespan of your new AC system and prevent future issues, we offer comprehensive maintenance plans tailored to your needs.

Types of AC Systems

When it comes to AC replacement, you have several options to choose from. The choice depends on factors like your budget, cooling requirements, and the layout of your home. Here are the most common types of AC systems:

  1. Central Air Conditioning: This is the traditional choice for whole-home cooling. It consists of an indoor unit connected to an outdoor compressor. Central AC offers consistent cooling throughout the house.

  2. Ductless Mini-Split: Ideal for homes without ductwork, ductless mini-splits offer zoned cooling, allowing you to set different temperatures for different rooms. They are energy-efficient and versatile.

  3. Heat Pumps: Heat pumps are an excellent choice for both cooling and heating needs. They transfer heat from inside to outside during the summer and vice versa during the winter, making them highly energy-efficient.

  4. Window Units: Window AC units are cost-effective and easy to install. They are suitable for cooling individual rooms or small spaces.

Energy Efficiency and Savings

One of the primary considerations when replacing your AC system should be its energy efficiency. The higher the efficiency, the more you’ll save on energy bills over time. Look for the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating, which indicates how efficiently the unit operates. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy-efficient the AC system.

Hillside HVAC offers a range of energy-efficient AC units that can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Our expert technicians can guide you in choosing the right system for your home, taking into account your budget and long-term savings goals.


Environmental Responsibility

At Hillside HVAC, we prioritize environmental responsibility. We understand the impact of HVAC systems on the environment, particularly in terms of refrigerants and energy consumption. Our AC replacement services include eco-friendly options that use refrigerants with low global warming potential, helping protect the environment.

Furthermore, by upgrading to a more energy-efficient AC system, you contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Your commitment to eco-friendly cooling solutions aligns with our dedication to a sustainable future.



When it comes to AC replacement, Hillside HVAC is your trusted partner. We prioritize your comfort, energy savings, and environmental responsibility. Our comprehensive assessment, expert recommendations, and seamless installation ensure that you get the most out of your new AC system.

Don’t wait until your old AC unit breaks down in the middle of a heatwave. Contact Hillside HVAC today to discuss your AC replacement options and take the first step toward a cooler, more comfortable, and energy-efficient home. Our team is here to make your summers more enjoyable and your energy bills more affordable


You should consider replacing your AC unit if it’s over 10-15 years old, requires frequent repairs, is inefficient, or no longer cools your home effectively. A professional assessment can help determine if replacement is the best option.

When choosing a new AC system, consider factors like the size of your home, energy efficiency (SEER rating), your local climate, and your budget. Consulting with an HVAC expert can help you select the most suitable system for your needs.

The time required for AC replacement varies based on factors like the type of system, the complexity of the installation, and any necessary ductwork modifications. On average, it can take 1-2 days for a professional HVAC technician to complete the replacement.

Yes, there are energy-efficient AC units available, often identified by their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. Look for AC units with a higher SEER rating to maximize energy savings and reduce your environmental footprint.

The cost of AC replacement depends on factors such as the type and size of the system, installation complexity, and location. On average, you can expect to invest between $2,500 and $7,500 for a new AC unit, but it’s best to obtain accurate pricing through quotes from HVAC professionals tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

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